What Is An Initial Free Consultation?

An initial consultation is a complimentary service to understand the nature of your appraisal needs and what you are wanting to achieve with the appraisal report. It is best done via a brief phone conversation so I can answer all your questions. I will explain how the appraisal process works for your intended use and what options may be available, as well as what information and photos I might need. I will also discuss what to expect in terms of costs.

Sometimes an appraisal is not necessary or warranted. In that case, I may have suggestions that might be of help.

I cannot provide an “off the cuff” value for your item(s). No accredited appraiser will do so. This is because professional appraisers are obligated to follow certain procedures of research and analysis in order to confirm where the value of an artwork may fall within a given marketplace. It would be negligent to quote a value prior to knowing all the possible parameters that could affect value, which takes time to research and verify. Art dealers may be willing to this but they are not held to appraisal standards and you may receive biased or inaccurate information.

Have you wondered how the appraisers on Antiques Roadshow make it look so easy? It’s because they (and their team behind the scenes) have already researched every variable on the item before they film the segment. It is never impromptu.

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